MX5 Club Christchurch

Mike And I Brought Our First MX5(1990) In February 1996.On Reading The Press

We Saw A Notice Saying Any-One Interested In Getting Together With Other

MX5 Owners To Ring Rod Or Janette Mckenzie To Get Details For A Meeting In

The May.A Small Group Of Us Turned Up At Their Farm On The Sunday At

Motunau. After Meeting And Having Refreshments And Food We Took A Drive Down

Too The Beach.We Lined Our Cars Up To Get A Photo.Rod And Janette Made Us

All Really Welcome At Their Home,So Began The Journey Of The MX5 Car

Club.Over The Years We Have Had Many Members And All Different Years And

Colours Of Cars.Also Some Customized,Some With Turbos,Some With V8's And Also

Currently Some Lovely Late Models,All Are Welcome.Our Club Is Very Social

And Friendly And We Do All Sorts Of Different Things,Such As,Monthly

Meetings To Organize Our Outings,These Being Monthly Runs Too

Winerys,Picnics,Gymkanas,Mystery Runs And Some Great Night Functions As

Well,Also Lots Of Fun Weekends Away.There Have Been Lots Of Laughs And We

Have Alot Of Fun And We Have Made New Friends, So We Are Still Members Since

That Very First Meeting In 1996.So Come Along And See For Yourself What A

Great Club This Is To Be In.